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Business loan :

Business Loan Sdn Bhd companies
    1. Latest SSM print out. Last three (3) years audited accounts and latest management accounts.
    2. Last six (6) months banks statements.
    3. Latest debtors and creditors ageing. (if any)
    4. ICs of directors of director
    5. Company profile, product catalogue, certification and other relevant information.
    6. A copy of Bank Offer Letter from other banks. (if any)
    7. S&P and Land Title of the property which willing to be pledged to the bank (if any)


Combined family income from RM4,850 and above Applicant age between 21 to 60 years old

Yuran & Caj

Yuran Pengendalian: RM75 Duti Setem: Seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Akta Duti Setem 1949 (Disemak 1989) Yuran pemprosesan: 2% daripada jumlah pinjaman (Maksimum dihadkan pada RM500)